Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...the head shake.

Life is simple, it's just not easy....

this year...
 so far...
 i have lost 4 computer mouses 
{mouses? computer mice? - know what i am talking about} 
i leave them places. 
{i am sure at least one is somewhere in my fluffy green couch cushions}
chris gave me his computer mouse today, cause i lost mine. {again}
 as he handed it to me he gave me one little warning "don't loose it"
i did.
can you believe that?  who does that?
however... it didn't STAY lost because it could only be one of two places.
on my desk, or outside in the grass where i set up office this afternoon.
guess where it was. the grass.
chris just shook his head.
he does that a lot.
the "head shake"
common practice in regard to the antics of his wife.
then, yesterday...
i innocently announced {more like yelled} to all the guys in the back room....
"see ya later!"
they REALLY got a kick out of THAT...minds. in. gutters.

chris just shook his head.
love me or leave me, baby. :)


Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Great post I can relate I get alot of the head shaking too.

Anonymous said...

hehe... thanks for the chuckle!

lisa a.

Karen said...

hummm.........I've just started getting the head shake....or I'm just noticing it now!!?!! ;)

Morissa Sweeney (SCS - stampinsweeney) said...

Love it!

Bogner's said...

My husband isn't much of a head shaker...but he does have his mind in the gutter! He would be the one chuckling!

Christi Snow said...

LOL...too funny! I think that I need to go lay in the grass today... smiles!

NoraAnne said...

You're so funny! Love that you can set up office in the grass, how cool is that?!?!

Lacey said...

HAHA that made me giggle. I don't often lose things, but my boyfriend does. His computer mouse (1 - 2 times now), his keys...sometimes he calls me at work freaking out, his cell phone, wallet, you name it. after he turns the house upside down & all his dance bags and school bags are emptied (all over the floor) he'll call me in a panic. I usually know exactly where it is. makes me giggle.

Susan Westberg said...

You're right ... it made me giggle! If you had $1 for every time you got the head shake, you wouldn't have to work. ;)

Tina Gilliland said...

Ha Ha... funny stuff.