Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my playlist is like me.

warning: some musical content may not be agreeable to some.
advice: don't judge me {please} - just skip the ones you don't like, VERY quickly... 

so i have to admit - when i listen to my playlist - posted ABOVE - it makes me think....

it is a little {well, a lot} like my personality.
one extreme to the other.
a little dramatic.
a little edgy.
a wee bit sassy.
just plain depressed.
then SUPER happy again.
makes life interesting to say the least, right?

is that a bad thing? 
maybe i have an illness.

 i hope to think that is the story of everyone that is taking a journey in this wonderful life of ours.

we are just all over the place.
gettin' to where we are going - where ever that is.
trying our very hardest to ENJOY the MOMENT as we CREATE IT.

you would have never known yesterday existed.
it was a HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!
{please if you are into psychology avoid diagnosis at this moment - i am fine - i assure you.}
i had the same circumstances looming around me as i did yesterday, however today they were looked at as CHALLENGES - with HOPE.
change of perspective is EVERYTHING.
i'm tellin' ya.

i have been told that since i was a little girl.
at 4 i looked up at my mother as she said...
"change your attitude, angela"
that is a true story.

today my attitude changed.
thanks to encouragement, friendship, putting things in perspective, finding hope hidden somewhere deep inside me and putting all of that to good use in the aid to:
"change my attitude"

so next time i post a sappy photo and an "eeyore" {from winnie-the-pooh} type attitude, can you all just take charge and give me a SWIFT - change your attitude talk like my mama?
 Mr. Gibran has hit it spot on with the information below.
i'm listenin'
Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
random fact of the day:
 all polar bears are left handed.
did you know that?
i didn't.

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Kim said...

love your playlist! and so love the quote.....thank you!