Wednesday, September 29, 2010

...the head shake.

Life is simple, it's just not easy....

this year...
 so far...
 i have lost 4 computer mouses 
{mouses? computer mice? - know what i am talking about} 
i leave them places. 
{i am sure at least one is somewhere in my fluffy green couch cushions}
chris gave me his computer mouse today, cause i lost mine. {again}
 as he handed it to me he gave me one little warning "don't loose it"
i did.
can you believe that?  who does that?
however... it didn't STAY lost because it could only be one of two places.
on my desk, or outside in the grass where i set up office this afternoon.
guess where it was. the grass.
chris just shook his head.
he does that a lot.
the "head shake"
common practice in regard to the antics of his wife.
then, yesterday...
i innocently announced {more like yelled} to all the guys in the back room....
"see ya later!"
they REALLY got a kick out of THAT...minds. in. gutters.

chris just shook his head.
love me or leave me, baby. :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my playlist is like me.

warning: some musical content may not be agreeable to some.
advice: don't judge me {please} - just skip the ones you don't like, VERY quickly... 

so i have to admit - when i listen to my playlist - posted ABOVE - it makes me think....

it is a little {well, a lot} like my personality.
one extreme to the other.
a little dramatic.
a little edgy.
a wee bit sassy.
just plain depressed.
then SUPER happy again.
makes life interesting to say the least, right?

is that a bad thing? 
maybe i have an illness.

 i hope to think that is the story of everyone that is taking a journey in this wonderful life of ours.

we are just all over the place.
gettin' to where we are going - where ever that is.
trying our very hardest to ENJOY the MOMENT as we CREATE IT.

you would have never known yesterday existed.
it was a HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!!
{please if you are into psychology avoid diagnosis at this moment - i am fine - i assure you.}
i had the same circumstances looming around me as i did yesterday, however today they were looked at as CHALLENGES - with HOPE.
change of perspective is EVERYTHING.
i'm tellin' ya.

i have been told that since i was a little girl.
at 4 i looked up at my mother as she said...
"change your attitude, angela"
that is a true story.

today my attitude changed.
thanks to encouragement, friendship, putting things in perspective, finding hope hidden somewhere deep inside me and putting all of that to good use in the aid to:
"change my attitude"

so next time i post a sappy photo and an "eeyore" {from winnie-the-pooh} type attitude, can you all just take charge and give me a SWIFT - change your attitude talk like my mama?
 Mr. Gibran has hit it spot on with the information below.
i'm listenin'
Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
random fact of the day:
 all polar bears are left handed.
did you know that?
i didn't.

Monday, September 27, 2010 all of YOU who had ONE OF THOSE Mondays.

for real.
today was just one of those days.
nothing super tragic.
nothing super great.
just a butt kicking monday.
i woke up with SUPER intentions on having a GREAT day.
i even CHALLENGED monday to bring it on.
yep...word of advice...don't do that.
moments after i posted the so called CHALLENGE...guess what HAPPENED!
police officer at the door.
barking complaint.
nice, huh?
i won't go into details because i am too nice to think of doing that...for now.
{..and mr. police officer - in case you are reading this...THANK YOU for being so kind - that was the PLUS of my day!}

then it just happened.
one teenie annoyance after the other.
angela, out.
{i can do that. job perk} fluffy green couch was my destination with my MAC.
day finished there...pouting.
getting work done, but pouting just the same.
i can do that - i was alone. am shaking it off.
because i can.
so i will.
i am gonna head to Luke's football game.
take a little note pad for all the grand ideas that just may float into my brain while i am there and START tomorrow with a grand new plan.
that is the beauty of tomorrow, right?
i just don't think i will toss out a conceited challenge to 
"Bring it ON" 
I tend to learn from my mistakes.

so to all of you who had the same..."kinda icky" day.
let's move forward and do it all better tomorrow!


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

....another weekend of RANDOM perfection.

what a beautiful weekend.
un-planned to perfection.

"....sometimes, when things take longer than you thought they would, it's just a gentle reminder that you have more time than you thought, and that there's a journey to enjoy." — mike dooley

saturday - late afternoon.
a bit of lovely out at CHUCK AND MAR'S house.
{this is what we call chris's parents}
Simple Beauty - is STUNNING.
 there was no single way to put these photos into a category all of their own. 
they were all over the place.
but i just love them all.
so i thought i would share.

I didn't think this guy was quite as beautiful as the pretty little blooms above...
I AM a fan of frogs, however i ALMOST squished this little guy and he was NOT HAPPY being thin for a split second under my foot. 
poor poofy thing.

He looks like he wants to have a word with me in this photo.  
i think he was actually ticked.
if he could have said so, i believe he would have.
{look at that mouth, corners all turned down in disgust - just giving me the "look"}
 he did eventually get back at me....a few moments later as i tried to take a photo of sawyer and i, he took it upon himself to pee all over me. nice, huh?
{chuck said it was not pee, it was a hallucinogen that is their defense mechanism - i still say it was pee.} 
time to let the frog go, sawyer.
 the leaves are turning. 
i am a huge fan of trees. 
i know that surprises you.
i think i took 60 photo's - this one was my "random" favorite.

 do you have these moments?
when all is right with the world and a hint of tears just well up inside. 
this was one of those. 
a moment of perfect with my little guy.
{this was shortly after i got a mini shower from mr. froggie}
 sawyer has his moment with the camera.
he took a brilliant little shot of his mama. 
thanks, sawyer - LOVE IT!
 Sunday Morning.
sour cream pancakes a'la Ree Drummond.

 it was a no make-up - wake-up and stay as you are sort of day.
these are some of my favorite days ever.
 little wesley 
shhh....don't tell his mama....
he was SUPER impressed by my pancakes.

love this look. it was random - can't tell you why it existed on his adorable little mug  at the moment i snapped the photo.....but it is a favorite of mine.

the "dad reading the paper" sunday.
HE was supposed to be making breakfast, however coffee was as far as he got.
it was yummy coffee, though.
nothing like the armpit coffee of the past.
love ya, babe! 

always a device of some sort to amuse.
luke found some kind of application that gives you millions of random facts.
i have learned a ton this weekend.
like the existence of some mushroom 3 miles in diameter somewhere here in the US.
that hot water weighs more than cold water, that baby's dream in the womb, that in 1789 the United States had a debt of 190,000....i feel slightly brilliant. about this one? 

 is it illegal to let you 12 year old drive the volvo?
look how odd that looks?
it was time to mow the lawn.....
 can you SEE WHY?
sanford & son.
what do ya do?
 After a long day of lawn mowing, yard manicuring, snake dodging, barefoot in the end of September LOVELY day....we sat down to visit with this mutt.
isn't he ugly?
{sarcasm} love him......
he is now starting to exit  his little {big} JUMPING stage that has taken me out on several occasions.
for awhile there he would jump, hit me on the the chest with BOTH big paws and i would be on the ground.
once i learned to predict it i got him in the chest first.
he won't even attempt it. 
he loves me....and we have come to an understanding.

feeling happy.
for a weekend of non-events.
it was good food, yummy vino, lot's of pretty stuff around me, and GREAT LAUGHS.
i am just trying not to think about all the TO DO's till bright MONDAY MORNING.
which will bring my new exercise program.
but, i won't think about that now.