Monday, September 27, 2010 all of YOU who had ONE OF THOSE Mondays.

for real.
today was just one of those days.
nothing super tragic.
nothing super great.
just a butt kicking monday.
i woke up with SUPER intentions on having a GREAT day.
i even CHALLENGED monday to bring it on.
yep...word of advice...don't do that.
moments after i posted the so called CHALLENGE...guess what HAPPENED!
police officer at the door.
barking complaint.
nice, huh?
i won't go into details because i am too nice to think of doing that...for now.
{..and mr. police officer - in case you are reading this...THANK YOU for being so kind - that was the PLUS of my day!}

then it just happened.
one teenie annoyance after the other.
angela, out.
{i can do that. job perk} fluffy green couch was my destination with my MAC.
day finished there...pouting.
getting work done, but pouting just the same.
i can do that - i was alone. am shaking it off.
because i can.
so i will.
i am gonna head to Luke's football game.
take a little note pad for all the grand ideas that just may float into my brain while i am there and START tomorrow with a grand new plan.
that is the beauty of tomorrow, right?
i just don't think i will toss out a conceited challenge to 
"Bring it ON" 
I tend to learn from my mistakes.

so to all of you who had the same..."kinda icky" day.
let's move forward and do it all better tomorrow!


Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.


Suz said...

boy that face says it all... sorry for the bad day & I hope tomorrow is a super duper one

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you are updating your personal blog again!!!! I hope Tuesday brings LOTS of good things and happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!!

LynneForsythe said...

Absolutely and TOTALLY love that quote.....Tomorrow is a new day...with the opportunity to be a BETTER DAY!!!

Amanda Winchester said...

I think we have all been there! That is just the best quote!! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday :)

Shemaine Smith said...

Ohh man. I am so sorry but we do have those days and remember you are not alone. My kid wants to go to Washington DC for the school trip. I would love to have him go more than anything but it costs $2,000.00. My heart sank when I saw that in the paperwork and I smile and tell him. Let me go to the meeting at school and find out all the details...I keep hearing myself tell him all the time when he tells me he can't "Yes you can" Guess I better find a way to take my own advice huh?
Oh and not to mention I had 2 three year olds and a 9 month old that I had to referee over toys in 102 heat and no A/C...
Let's hug it out Angela!

Katrina said...

You go!!!!! You do realize HOW MANY people you inspire right?! That's a hard job to keep up..You can try to be AMAZING every day....and if you have one of those days...well, just chalk it up to a growth spurt of will come back BETTER than ever!!! (man...the only time I write like this is when I read your posts!!!!) Hugs, Katrina

Glenda said...

Been there - more lately than I care to count (looking for work for 8 months...). Thanks for sharing you with us and glad you have a positive outlook on tomorrow. The quote is fabulous, I so need that - off to post it on my facebook status...


p.s. first time on your blog... well worth the stop.

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Oh I am so sorry you had a bad day I hope tomorrow brings a better one for all of us!!!!
Big Hugs!!!!!

marilyn said...

Here's to a better tomorrow!!!

Donna said...

Hope your day is better tomorrow! I enjoy coming to your blog--so heartfelt, so kind, so passionate. Thanks for sharing your feelings.

Julie Ranae said...

Was having a FaBuLoUs day as my hubby and I were on our way home from my extended birthday weekend away only to come home and find out that my daughter was experiencing THREE different crisis' all at once while having bronchitis,ear & sinus infections...all the while loving on her boys : )
Here's to TUESDAY!

Karen said...

Today wasn't to bad, not as good as I expected!!! But let me tell you about last week....Tim threw his back out Monday....Tuesday I found out we needed CVC boots on the truck, ($500), Wednesday Tim had a flat tire on the way home from work, put the spare on....FLAT! Thursday Tim had some major dental work done, Friday got the truck fixed, (less money than we thought). Tim's back still bad and chiro dr. told him no 4-wheelin'. So weekend plans wrecked!
We just laughed about the whole week!! So today was pretty good!! ;)

Barbara said...

Heres to a great Tuesday lets just turn the page!

Toni K said...

I feel for ya Angela. Kind of had one of those Mondays too. Nothing major, just a bunch of little annoyances. Tuesday will be better!

michib said...

Hugs - Hope Luke had a great football game. Thanks for the reminder that we all have days like these and we are not alone.