Saturday, August 20, 2016


when your heart goes numb.
when you feel nothing. zero.
just existence.

it's annoying. 
i will say that. 
'cause i am a feeler. 
i am addicted to it in a sense.
i am led by my heart.

something has happened.
i think my heart is broken. 
it's not working normally. 


i want the rush of joy that makes my heart flip flop.
the comfort of love that warms my soul
the feeling of anticipation that inspires hope. 

i want the sorrow that invokes a prolonged session of tears.
i want the anger that spurs me to make changes.
i want to feel. something. anything.

numb is the way this universe protects us. 
knowing when we have endured far too much....
it puts our soul under general anesthesia 
so we DO NOT feel. 
for once.


or perhaps we have felt so much for so long.
we simply kinda have run out of feelings.

perhaps we have felt what OTHERS feel so intensely 
we now are taking a moment to lose the empath in us....
and surround our hearts with armor. 
so we don't lose it completely.

be numb. 

protect your sanity. let it be ok. for now.
but don't accept it as normal.
being numb....requires a diligent return to life.
we can't let this demon stick around long.

life is meant to be felt. 
deeply. passionately. wildly.
to be moved in one direction or another through our feelings. 
our instincts. the nudging of our hearts. 

listen to music till your heart stirs.
watch a favorite movie. 
meet with a friend.
love up someone you love.
do what it takes. 

life requires you.