Sunday, September 26, 2010

....another weekend of RANDOM perfection.

what a beautiful weekend.
un-planned to perfection.

"....sometimes, when things take longer than you thought they would, it's just a gentle reminder that you have more time than you thought, and that there's a journey to enjoy." — mike dooley

saturday - late afternoon.
a bit of lovely out at CHUCK AND MAR'S house.
{this is what we call chris's parents}
Simple Beauty - is STUNNING.
 there was no single way to put these photos into a category all of their own. 
they were all over the place.
but i just love them all.
so i thought i would share.

I didn't think this guy was quite as beautiful as the pretty little blooms above...
I AM a fan of frogs, however i ALMOST squished this little guy and he was NOT HAPPY being thin for a split second under my foot. 
poor poofy thing.

He looks like he wants to have a word with me in this photo.  
i think he was actually ticked.
if he could have said so, i believe he would have.
{look at that mouth, corners all turned down in disgust - just giving me the "look"}
 he did eventually get back at me....a few moments later as i tried to take a photo of sawyer and i, he took it upon himself to pee all over me. nice, huh?
{chuck said it was not pee, it was a hallucinogen that is their defense mechanism - i still say it was pee.} 
time to let the frog go, sawyer.
 the leaves are turning. 
i am a huge fan of trees. 
i know that surprises you.
i think i took 60 photo's - this one was my "random" favorite.

 do you have these moments?
when all is right with the world and a hint of tears just well up inside. 
this was one of those. 
a moment of perfect with my little guy.
{this was shortly after i got a mini shower from mr. froggie}
 sawyer has his moment with the camera.
he took a brilliant little shot of his mama. 
thanks, sawyer - LOVE IT!
 Sunday Morning.
sour cream pancakes a'la Ree Drummond.

 it was a no make-up - wake-up and stay as you are sort of day.
these are some of my favorite days ever.
 little wesley 
shhh....don't tell his mama....
he was SUPER impressed by my pancakes.

love this look. it was random - can't tell you why it existed on his adorable little mug  at the moment i snapped the photo.....but it is a favorite of mine.

the "dad reading the paper" sunday.
HE was supposed to be making breakfast, however coffee was as far as he got.
it was yummy coffee, though.
nothing like the armpit coffee of the past.
love ya, babe! 

always a device of some sort to amuse.
luke found some kind of application that gives you millions of random facts.
i have learned a ton this weekend.
like the existence of some mushroom 3 miles in diameter somewhere here in the US.
that hot water weighs more than cold water, that baby's dream in the womb, that in 1789 the United States had a debt of 190,000....i feel slightly brilliant. about this one? 

 is it illegal to let you 12 year old drive the volvo?
look how odd that looks?
it was time to mow the lawn.....
 can you SEE WHY?
sanford & son.
what do ya do?
 After a long day of lawn mowing, yard manicuring, snake dodging, barefoot in the end of September LOVELY day....we sat down to visit with this mutt.
isn't he ugly?
{sarcasm} love him......
he is now starting to exit  his little {big} JUMPING stage that has taken me out on several occasions.
for awhile there he would jump, hit me on the the chest with BOTH big paws and i would be on the ground.
once i learned to predict it i got him in the chest first.
he won't even attempt it. 
he loves me....and we have come to an understanding.

feeling happy.
for a weekend of non-events.
it was good food, yummy vino, lot's of pretty stuff around me, and GREAT LAUGHS.
i am just trying not to think about all the TO DO's till bright MONDAY MORNING.
which will bring my new exercise program.
but, i won't think about that now.




Karen said...

And a beautiful weekend it was....I spent most of it painting the guest room ....loving redecorating. When things feel like they are all coming whole world feels right!! Glad your weekend was fabulous...

Liz Hicks said...

Ok I am actually a little choked up as I read this... I miss you already! LOVE your family and big papa Chris... thank you for a beautiful week... can't wait to see you and the boys again!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Angela, it's my first time visiting and im so happy i came by. Your space here is very inspring! That was truely a beautiful weekend. Added wonders that it was all unplanned. You are so beautifuul and you have a lovely family! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Cat said...

This sounds like a fantastic weekend. Last weekend was a make-me-cry-happy-tears-kind of weekend. I still need to blog about it. It's days like these that need to be remembered more than all the cruddy ones.

Cat said...
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marilyn said...

Don't you just love weekends like that.

NoraAnne said...

Such a yummy feel good weekend you had! Those are always my favorites :)