Thursday, January 2, 2014

sometimes....we love. without loving.

life has this way of throwing us off.
a little bit.
ya know?

suddenly everything that made sense...
makes no sense.

our souls are so strong.
yet maybe a little lost.
they are SOULS for goodness sake.
NOTHING is going to break them, yet EVERYTHING is going to challenge them.
that is the purpose, right.

they are persevere-ant.
but at the same time.
still searching.
always -
for what exactly it is....
that makes them stir.

it takes a lifetime to understand.

i think.
we are MEANT to feel.
in this moment.
in order to get to where we are going.

so every time someone or something....
pay attention.
everything matters.
on some level or another.

soak it in - or let it go.
your choice.