Saturday, January 15, 2011

it was my birthday....i've been thinking....

shallow post....of random thoughts.

been thinking a lot lately about age.
can't help it. 
just am.
being honest.
age is so stupid.
{i know my literary skills are stellar today}

why do we have to be "assigned" an age.
who was the guy with the bright idea?
i think we should get to DECIDE what age we want to be and stay there.
don't you?
time can keep going - it's a beautiful thing...
but "age" should stop.
hey...anythings possible right?
i would have never thought i would be a Sagittarius instead of a Capricorn either!

 what age would you be?

i think....i am pretty sure - i would pick MY age.
right here, right now.
{well ok, honestly, maybe i would pick 36 - i was much thinner. hee, hee}

here's my thoughts
i have just enough lines on my face to know i have had a million laughs.
i have just enough curve on my body to know i have given life.
i have just enough emotion in my heart to know i have lived deep.
and it has all meant so very much.

i have just enough.
i really feel that way.
so i think i will stay this age.
i officially have a story.
things worth sharing.
i love that.

the girl on the right - 20 years ago - is gone.
i seriously look at that picture and wonder who she was.
it is as if she was an illusion.

i wonder if i will feel that same way about "me" when i am 58 - 20 years from now?
most likely - i will.
which makes me very young right now.
{positive self talk}

seems like yesterday...yet it seems like an eternity ago.
like one minute you are 17  - and the next you are turning 38?

random thought - 
that means it has been 20 years since i had eyebrows ONE INCH thick, check those babies out! 



it is a mysterious thing.

all i know...
is if the next 20 years bless me the same way the first 20 have.
....i am one lucky chick.



time is beautiful.
i'll take it.

it's stupid.
and i will not be turning one year older ever again.

moving on.....