Wednesday, October 6, 2010 night...a long, long, time ago.

i was a single mama.
did you know that?

it was my birthday.
january 13, 1993
i was turning 20.
i was just a baby....but not.
i HAD a baby. one year old. 
i was a girl who had been through more than most women my age NOW.
i won't go into details. 
just trust me. 
wise beyond my years through experience.

back to the story.

i lived in the basement of my parents house, with my baby boy.
{ i love that boy}
side note: he is now 18. what? how does that happen?
i was going to college full time, waitressing full time, and being a full time mama.
life was busy.
to say the least. was january 13, 1993....

...and i was feeling very, very, very...did i say very? - very sorry for myself.
 i had just gotten done with a 6 hour day at college and then waitressing at MELVINS.
i had a baby asleep.  
...and it was my birthday.
nobody was home.
parents in florida.
empty house.
no celebration.
just me....
 and my 20 year old/ 50 year old soul.

i sat on my bed. 
looked up at the book shelf. 
spotted the 1989 yearbook from NEW LONDON-SPICER Highschool
walked over to it.

pulled it off the shelf

held it in my hands....and let it fall open.

up in the right hand corner.
i saw this.
it fell RIGHT to his picture.

my heart skipped a beat.
christian magnuson.....christian magnuson....
my head did a little inventory of what i knew about him.

i played tennis doubles with his sister.
he had the SAME girlfriend all through high-school.
he was a "nice" guy.

called my girlfriend jenny.
{remember that, jenny?}

one month - 7 days later.
we went on our first date. 
{i will blog that another time}
that was february 20, 1993.

december 24, 1993 he proposed.
september 17, 1994 he married me.

16 years later.  
that SAME yearbook sits to my left this very moment.
we have been blessed.
it has been a road full of twists, turns and everything in between.
i think
no matter what....
i will love him forever.

he's pretty lovable.

thanks, sweetie.
for the good times, the bad times, the crazy times....
thanks for saving me.
thanks for being saved by me.

we have done good.
don't ya think?

nothing is ever perfect....never will be.....truth be told - i don't want it to be....
because perfect is boring.

just to know love....on any level....
is ALL worth it.

...and i love you.
this i know for sure.


Pinky said...

AWWWW what a sweet story.
I remember finding my husband and it feels just like that, like all the pain all the agony was worth it.
Thanks for sharing your precious memory

Karen said...

All the ups and downs, twists and turns just strengthen us....

love doesn't make the world go ' makes the ride worth while!!!

Kelly Landers said...

So sweet Angela!! :-)

i {heart} papers said...

Perfect is boring...LOVE that. You need to make that a stamp. I don't know what your story is but I'm wondering if we have a connection. There are lots of us who have dark buried pasts. You're not alone. {hugs}

Erika said...

This is so sweet!! It's so crazy because I was just looking at my high school year book of pics of me and my hubby the other day. Since our anniversary is coming up just thinking how crazy it is that we ended up getting married. HUGS :)

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

Lovely story Ang! Everything always falls into its perfect little place, always sad beginning but happy ending. Wish you and Chris hundred more years of togetherness.

Valerie said...

{{{Angela and Chris}}}

side note: I didn't know that you and my youngest son, the one with a gentle spirit and loving heart, share the same birthday (different year)...must be a commonality of those with that birth date. ♥

Lisa said...

Awwwwwwwwwww. Things happen for a reason...

marilyn said...

I agree - "Perfect is boring" needs to be a stamp. LOVE this story of yours and Christian's love story. SO sweet. Thanks for sharing and wish you an lifetime of happiness together.

Toni K said...

I can so relate to your situation when you met your husband. I was a single mother with a 10 month old son when I met my husband. I had finally came to the realization it was going to be just the two of us, me and my boy. And I was ok with that. Things happen for a reason. So glad we both found our knights. And yes, perfect IS boring!

Jackie said...

how sweet Angela. the yearbook story is amazing..... LOVE that story.

Eva said...

Awwwww...what a beautiful story, just like you!!!! So loved reading this, what a STORY, one to celebrate for sure!

Shemaine Smith said...

Such a beautiful post Angela. I just learn to love you a little bit more each day. Mat was the one that found me, he rescued me from the single mom label and gave me something I had longed for my entire life...a daughter. My life is complete with my amazing kids and I am so thankful for the people around me who remind me what's really important. Love & Family.

Andrea said...

okay seriously...didn't know I was going to start my morning with happy tears falling into my tea. What a beautiful story!

Having had the pleasure of meeting and chatting and laughing (much laughing) with Christian I agree he is a special wonderful soul- just like you!

It's such a beautiful love story and continues to be....full of love, tears, twists and turns- the kind that near the end of the will be sitting together and looking back and thinking 'what a ride- we loved and lived our life- together'

Love your Canadian friend who will not bring you more ketchup chips next time- Andrea <3

Amber (bambi64) said...

awww This was so sweet to read. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Big Brother said...

I know that it will never happen, but I will still kick his you know what if he ever hurts you, I Lived this with you, and I know the struggles you went through to find this person!! He is the lucky man!!!! I love you my twerp!!!! You deserve the best!

Carolina said...

Can I just start off by saying that I love the fact that you're blogging on a regular basis. Love the way you relate stories always keeping us engaged...thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us. Hope you have a beautiful Thursday!

Lacey said...

♥ THE STORY. Thanks for sharing. Interesting how things work out in life. :)

Kathy Floen said...

Oh Angela- I loved your post! :) I am in tears (happy, lovie ones) reading it. :) Fate and God always has plans for us, don't they???? ((HUGS))

Crystal Cantu said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a sweet story with us.

Celtica said...

oh what a beautiful love story!!!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwwww ya pair of softies - love it !

{jennie} said...

What a wonderful story. So sorry for the downs, but you certainly have made great use of your ups.
So glad to have met you, Christian, your boys and the fabulous Unity crew.