Monday, December 20, 2010

heart. on. sleeve.

heart. on. sleeve.
no matter what. 

do you know people who wear pretty clothes like this?
i do.
it is a rare beauty.

women who ARE who they ARE.
and "heart. on. sleeve." CONFIDENT about it.
they share, confide and trust
not only for the growth of themselves but in an effort to learn from one another.
help each other.

i have consistent women in my life, just like this -  who amaze me.
lovely, stunning, amazing and loyal.
...from head to SOUL.....
with sweet little hearts on their sleeves....

  together we can be..
mixed up.
... AND SHOW ALL OF IT, and more ...
anytime. all the time.
THAT is true beauty in "heart. on. sleeve." friendship.
women who know EVERYTHING about you and love you just the same.
women that never need to forgive...
because they never hold on to anything long enough to even matter.
women who know for certain that life gets messy for EVERYONE, and JUDGEMENT is not an option.
no matter what.

 ...don't  you EVER mistake "heart. on. sleeve"  as weakness, or insecurity, or fake.
it just is what it is...out there.  
no apologies.
but remember
just because you are who you are...
rest assured.
 you will need to be tough, sweet girl.
i have learned...from time to time...  
you will be judged
people will assume you weak
they will go away

wondering why you were SO "heart.on.sleeve" with them.

they will think you are permanently confused, and lost
they are mistaken.
...because really YOU are brilliantly transparent and clear.
just open.

it will hurt. a lot.
{try to get over it, quickly}
 please - please remember.
they are wrong.
100% their loss. 
cause "heart. on. sleeve." -  is as real as it gets...  just sayin'. 


just keep putting that pretty heart upon your sleeve and KNOW without a doubt.

you are you.
and THAT is all that matters.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



i wish i could be everything that everyone expects me to be.
i wish i could be what I EXPECT me to be.
i wish i could run away.
i wish i could stay right where i am.
i wish i had made different choices.
i wish i knew exactly who i am.
i wish i hadn't said what i said.
i wish i was prettier.
i wish i was younger. {not really, ok - i take that one back...HA!}
i wish i was smarter.
i wish i could give more.
i wish i could love more.
i wish i could think more deeply.
i wish i could be light hearted.
i wish i was skinnier.
i wish i was more spiritual.
i wish i was older.
i wish i had what she has.
i wish i hadn't opened my heart.
i wish i could start over.
i wish i was stronger.
i wish i could escape.
i wish i didn't feel those feelings.
i wish i didn't wish for a thing more than i actually have.
i many things.
...and often so opposite of one another.
it's so complicated - when i know it COULD be so simple.

but guess what.

all the time....i know.....way deep down....that we are growing.....always have been....always will be.
our wishes...make that happen.
all the time....we know.....way deep down....we do our best....even if it doesn't seem so at the time.

i know.  like i know. like i know - everything will be perfect.  no matter what.  no. matter. what.

it is just how it is.


live by it.


every stumble.  every tear.  every fear. every moment. its own perfect way.

so my wish for hope. love.  so that all YOUR wishes come true....just like mine will.
AND a not so perfect life that is JUST PERFECT.