Saturday, November 13, 2010

the heart wants what it wants....

"the heart wants what it wants" 
lisa hetrick one of my brilliant artists turned this sentiment in to me. lisa.

the heart wants what it wants.
think about it.

i wish i would have used this in a conversation i had this weekend with a friend.
but. nope.....
instead of just summing it up in a short sweet sentence, 
i went on and on and on about a million things.
trying to explain.  trying to express....trying to understand...and tearing the situation apart with "reasoning"
when really - there is no "reason" ...just  feeling.
sometimes it is just in your heart. 
hearts feel. they don't reason.

the heart wants what it wants.
right, wrong or otherwise. 
it happens. 
your heart is where your passion starts.
with a feeling. listen to it. 
right away - cause no matter what...
your heart wins.

you can fight it.
shut it down.
shut it out,
 but if it is deep inside your heart.
it will remain.
no. matter. what.

so next time.
as you you try to explain your feelings, your situation, your dreams, your actions....
remember this sentiment.

the heart wants what it wants.
and for that you don't have to make any excuses.
no regrets.
it is what it is.....
and there is a purpose for it.

and the end....after all is said and done....
you can't change it anyway.
you wouldn't want to.

so go with it.
live it.
feel it.
and know that....
following your heart will always bring you to exactly where you are meant to be.
and again i can say...
THAT is a beautiful thing.
don't you think?


Maren said...

It IS a beautiful thing!!

Kelly Landers said...

Such a true statement! I love it and it explains a lot about how I recently couldn't move forward. I had to wait for my heart to catch up to my logic!! No regrets though!

BonnieRose said...

Very true.. thks for sharing this Angela... as I try new things with my art and make new and exciting connections... this is something I know to be true! Hugs... u nailed it.. LOVE U for sharing this! xo

Angie Blom said...

It is so true.. but sometimes it is hard to figure out what it all means. My heart wants alot.. but doesn't like the disappointment of what it might lead to.. a process in learning right? I love the sentiment behind that sentiment !!Xx

Kathy Floen said...

Yes it is a beautiful thing! :) I loved this post! :)

Kathy Floen said...

Yes it is a beautiful thing! :) I loved this post! :)

Lisa Oman said...

And, this is why you "get it." ;) Love you for that.

Nicole said...

love that you posted this!!! I have been struggling with something for a bit and this post reminds me that I cant change what I feel even though at times I am not sure things seem to be going well, but my heart belongs to someone and I cant change that...