Tuesday, December 14, 2010



i wish i could be everything that everyone expects me to be.
i wish i could be what I EXPECT me to be.
i wish i could run away.
i wish i could stay right where i am.
i wish i had made different choices.
i wish i knew exactly who i am.
i wish i hadn't said what i said.
i wish i was prettier.
i wish i was younger. {not really, ok - i take that one back...HA!}
i wish i was smarter.
i wish i could give more.
i wish i could love more.
i wish i could think more deeply.
i wish i could be light hearted.
i wish i was skinnier.
i wish i was more spiritual.
i wish i was older.
i wish i had what she has.
i wish i hadn't opened my heart.
i wish i could start over.
i wish i was stronger.
i wish i could escape.
i wish i didn't feel those feelings.
i wish i didn't wish for a thing more than i actually have.
i wish.......so many things.
...and often so opposite of one another.
it's so complicated - when i know it COULD be so simple.

but guess what.

all the time....i know.....way deep down....that we are growing.....always have been....always will be.
our wishes...make that happen.
all the time....we know.....way deep down....we do our best....even if it doesn't seem so at the time.

i know.  like i know. like i know - everything will be perfect.  no matter what.  no. matter. what.

it is just how it is.


live by it.


every stumble.  every tear.  every fear. every moment.  perfection......in its own perfect way.

so my wish for YOU.....faith. hope. love.  so that all YOUR wishes come true....just like mine will.
AND a not so perfect life that is JUST PERFECT.


Lillian Child said...

This just really made my day. My dad has been in and out of the hospital since thanksgiving with major health issues and I've just been so mentally exhausted and stessed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I think sometimes that I place you so high that I forget that you are a "real" person. I think that you are so perfect and just like a STAR! But you are just like me--wishing and holding on to faith! I love reading your posts. I love that you remind me of my dreams and wishes--that no matter how old we are, we can still wish and that we are right where we should be doing what we are supposed to be doing. THANKS for sharing!! THANKS for everything!

ps..you probably think that I am stalking you--sending emails, commenting on all your posts, and leaving messages on FB...it's true. I am! I just love everything that you do!! LOVE IT:) Hope you don't mind!

Angie Blom said...

I wish that all your wishes come true!!!
It can only get better.. With hope, love, patience.. It will all happen! Just keep on keeping it real!! Hugs xxAng.

the whimsical butterfly said...

YEP. Exactly. Yes. Love you. That is all.... ;)

marilyn said...

Thank you - you express the things that I just don't quite know how to say. I need to practice writing more. Thanks!

BonnieRose said...

Angela.. we are all
perfectly imperfect.
The more days I live, the more I believe that.
We've never truly arrived.
I try to learn something new every day.
I try to be thankful ea and every day.
I write/journal every day.
I create every day.
I make time for me everyday.

You are a wonderful person and inspire so many.

Remember that.
You have worth.

Anonymous said...

I look so forward to these kinds of posts from you. It's so nice to actually hear that there is someone else out there thinking just what you are thinking right when you are. It can be lonely with all these thoughts in your head and having just one more beautiful soul to share it all with is pretty special.
Thanks for being so real and honest...it's my FAVORITE thing about you :)

Tam said...

Thank you for your optimism! Merry Christmas!

Kathy Floen said...

Beautiful, Angela, just beautiful! :) Love it! :)

Kelly Landers said...

I ♥ you Angela! You always have a way of saying the things that are going through my head! This is a great post!

chalesek said...

WOW!! Love this just amazing :)

freetofly said...

I wish that my sweet soul sister could see herself as I do just for a moment today...because I think that she would be BLOWN away by the light and the love and the goodness that shines from her amazing spirit...That is my wish tonight....
I love you beautiful girl...always...

4rx said...

You fall in love because you have good feelings, I think that you are so sweet !