Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking a MOMENT to notice....

....we have all been there.
walking around in a fog...
 going through the motions.
...just getting through the day, the week, the month, even THE YEAR for some.

numb. un-motivated - not really taking notice of anything.'s so typical of people at certain times in life.
said it before - will say it again....
my opinion is 
you shut down to grow
babies grow when they sleep
our souls grow when we go numb for a bit.
we heal.
THAT is a beautiful thing. 

when we wake up again.
we TAKE notice.
...and everything seems a little bit more joyful, a little more interesting and just plain funny in some cases.

when you consciously take a moment to notice
perhaps you will find it as entertaining as I did today.

walking around unity i made the decision to notice what i had not stuff.

I walk by this EVERY DAY - not noticing.
This NEST has been in the bush right by the Unity door all winter....NOPE, did NOT NOTICE
Brooke has these adorable magnets on the side of her desk - a gift from her kiddos - NOTICED THEM TODAY!

Michelle was given a GLOAT BUTTON as a SECRET SANTA GIFT for Christmas? 
DID NOT NOTICE it TILL TODAY - ...and it will NOW be put to USE!
I open this fridge every day and grab MY FRENCH VANILLA CREAMER - DID NOT notice everyone else's
 {unless, of course, mine is GONE - HA!} 
Tommy T's Motorcycle?!  
Where did that come from?
I DID notice I was missing a WINE GLASS from my home -
DID NOT notice till today it was on the shipping desk at Unity with a CANDLE IN IT!  
HOW in the world did that happen? 
These two adorable little pals have been sitting in Chris's office for MONTHS did NOT NOTICE the button....I will leave it at that.
Thanks Lindsay Spencer {Unity Artist} for this guys little girlfriend!

 THESE GUYS wish I HAD NOT noticed these pink pigtails we brought home from CHA last year, BUT I DID 
.....and they were sports enough to put them on for me today!

....and the BROOM DUSTPAN words are HUGE - HOW in the WORLD did I not notice THAT?
The bathroom is RIGHT NEXT to this, NOPE walked by it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
....not to mention Mr. "I AM DUSTPAN"


You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.



Anonymous said...

that fridge looks like HEAVEN!!!!

Kelly Landers said...

Love this Angela!! So glad that you have gotten the needed rest to see again and to continue to grow because I know it is going to be a wonderful year of good things for Unity. And I too noticed the creamers... you and I have the same taste!! French Vanilla (preferably Fat Free) all the way baby!!

Beth M said...

Thanks for sharing!

The Lere Family said...

This is great! I may use the pigtails pic in the future to my benefit! Luv ya!!

BonnieRose said...

Oh Angela.. it's so true...
it's human nature to just walk on by..and not stop and really look.
Thank you for your thoughts.. for your insightful words.
You are an inspiration and I'm so glad ur back.. When I think of mentors, I think of you!
love you. xo

Maren said...


Julie Campbell said...

Oh my gosh! Yeah... I completely laughed out loud at my computer monitor! Thanks for that! I needed it in a BAD way today! :)

Today, while I was driving my 65 miles each way to work... I realized how much I LOVE driving when the interstate isn't completely covered in ice and snow. The long haul actually made me happy.... and THAT is what I noticed for the first time today. :)

Sheyrl K said...

That was great!! Love all the pics..and your right there is so much we don't notice in our day to day lives:) Thanks for sharing!! Sheryl K

Lori Craig said...

I love that super cool t-shirt that Michelle is wearing! :) That's what I noticed!

Brooke said...

love it!!

Beate said...

Thanks for that post Angela. It's so true.
I really don't like living in a cold place, but when you open your eyes...all that snow looks very pretty.
And the's a sport of the kids and I to find big old icicles on our drive to school and back.
Yesterday the sun was out and it was oh so pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Hugs and smiles

Ramsey said...

LOVE THIS! So glad to see you writing again! You are always so inspiring!

the whimsical butterfly said...

THIS is why you are one of my favorite people...I'm just sayin' ;)

Jen said...

Love the pic's and there is no way I would ever notice icicles in Phoenix...but you gave me that lovely view today! Thanks for the inspiration!

Scrapycandy said...

Too funny!

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