Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scrappin' it OLD SKOOL. :)

...these are not well taken photos

i took them quickly 
so i could share them with you.

i dug WAY back into my close and found the treasured OLD SKOOL Scrapbooks.
my friend susan and i used to get together ALL THE TIME.
circle cutter

this was all that was required 
we thought we were VERY EXCELLENT at our craft...didn't we Susan?! :)
i look at my pages now and chuckle

i couldn't STAND open space. 
sticker here.
tri-dot there.

however - the beautiful thing is this
the memories are recorded.
and i love that.
as i went through my scrapbooks
my heart fluttered.
a bit of happiness and sadness mixed up - is there a word for that?
i don't know - all i do know is i felt BOTH emotions 

These are TEN years ago....
am i even that old?

think about it.
10 years.
wow.....the changes.

i am now surrounded by 6 ft children
1. anticipation of the first graduation
2. second drivers license
3. third child becoming a teenager
4.  ONE 7 year old that is pretty TICKED he is not in ANY of the old scrapbooks I pulled out.


Chris and I - FIVE YEAR anniversary - babies.  we were babies.  i was 26 he was 27.
I pulled this page cause it STILL remains to be one of the BEST DAYS of my life.
Spent it with JUST my brother and my husband in a boat on a near by lake by a hole of sunfish.
It was 70 and sunny, and FOREVER I will cherish this memory.
James was pretty excited we brought home SO MANY FISH.
Chris was stylin with those overalls - don't you think?
Nic and Luke
James 1 - Nic 7 - Luke 5

The Magnuson Kitchen Island.
this exists in right as you walk into our home
the kitchen and the island are RIGHT THERE.
 it holds precious memories.
one after the other.
Check out the scrapbooking technique.
See the gingham corner and the flower sticker!

Corner of one of the scrapbook pages - CHECK OUT THAT sticker.
Hee, Hee.
Chris and I at Cross Lake.
Lovely times with Friends.

I knew he was cute - I just didn't remember him THIS CUTE!
Look at that bent over ear and GREEN EYES!
.....hanging out waiting for his toaster strudel
This was one of my FAVORITE scrapbooking layouts in the late 90's
Suzy Zoo Stickers - didn't get ANY cuter back then!

Nic's first day of 1st Grade.

In the boat early June with my boys.
Mrs. Grossman's Stickers (see that in the corner)

Another OLD SKOOL layout - 
....seriously funny.
what can I say?
I was scrapbooking by candle light I have been doing it so long! 

....was i ever this young?

...another fishing layout. 
these were always the greatest memories.
however - i think this was an illegal pull from Green Lake....
Not positive.

So there it is!
A BLAST from the past, both creatively and personally.
Not the most STELLAR WORK - but priceless just the same!
I treasure the journaling so much - there are memories there that could not have possibly been remembered had I not done these!

NOW i need to create some NEW STUFF to share!

How long have you been crafting?
DO YOU FIND that your past creations bring you some comic relief?
Share if you have a moment!

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. 
 ~From the television show The Wonder Years


Sara Barber said...

While I was just on the Facebook homepage, I noticed an older picture of you and Chris, exactly as I rememebered you..young, beautiful, and happy! I clicked onto your blog and was flooded with memories of the years I spent babysitting your kids..cutest kids around, by the way :) Anyway, I was just admiring your family and remembering the many hours I spent sitting at your kitchen island, getting advice on life from you and Chris and looking forward to the day when I had a family just like yours. I always looked up to you and admired both your inner and outer beauty. It's hard to believe your boys have aged so quickly, but totally predictable that they turned out so well. Congratulations on all of your Unity success!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blast from the past. Sometimes life gets so busy that you forget those wonderful years, spontanious memories, and feelings of love. It has been a while since I have revisited my "box of memories" but tonight may be the night to pull them out and remember.
Thank you for sharing.

Angie Blom said...

I just love looking back ar my first scrapbooks too. lots of stickers and hand drawing.. colouring with pencil crayons.. haha... we have come a long way.. but I do have some great memories and wouldn't change a thing. I love your pages... it shows the time and love on your pages... You and Christian were so young in some of those.. and the kids.. cute as ever!! Great day for the Blast from the Past. I might have to do one of these next week. It was fun looking at yours.. thanks for sharing. So glad that you have your own personal blog.. it makes me smile!! Hugs Ang.

StampinCathy said...

I think the word should be happsadness! It's all wrapped into to one word. LOL It is so fun to look back to see where you were and where you are now. Time just goes so fast. It's also fun to see the different of how far scrapbooking is today. Your layouts were so fun to look at. Thanks so much for sharing your box of memories with us.

Robynccgirl said...

Wow~looking at your pages is like looking at mine except mine is filled with girls! I have pages filled with the same stickers and paper lol! I even have fishing pages! My hubby loves to fish and still take my girls out all the time! I love to look at my old books but have to laugh sometimes!

Candace said...

Such sweet photos! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your past, Angela. I definitely have some old school layouts of my own. I'm quite embarassed at my scrapping style...when I was 15! Haha. Just for the record, I think you look just as young and beautiful as you did here, definitely not looking like a mom of high school kids! :)

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Oh Angela, could you be more beautiful? Did you know it's my favorite thing in the world when the inside of the package matches the outside? I love your pictures and your scrapbook pages! They make me smile! Hugs!

Ann Kranitz said...

Wow!! I just found your blog the other day and I never want to leave. You have to be the most grounded sweet person and I love reading everything you write. I have a ton of pictures but never did any scrapbooking but now I will take a second look and see what I can do with everything. You have totally inspired me!!! HUGS to you...Ann

Julie Campbell said...

OK. Seriously. Do you age???? You look JUST as young as you did 10 years ago... and I'm not saying that just to be nice! LOVE your old school pages! So funny but so sweet! :)

Lauren M. said...

Oh, girl! You're awesome!! Those are great, thanks for sharing them. And you look EXACTLY the same as you did in your 5th anniversary picture! You're gorgeous and sickeningly ageless.

Nikki said...

Now those are the kids I remember. Little! I can't even believe how big your boys have gotten! Obviously... but still it's such a surprise every time I see them! Cute memories, Angela!

Carol said...

Your old pages look a lot like mine! I started scrapping about 10 years ago and then got really into card making. However, when I was a child I loved making my own greeting cards with construction paper so I guess I have always been at it!

Karen said...

Like you I feel the urge to get back to paper and pictures...a need to be creative! Isn't it amazing how our children age!!! And then I look in the mirror and I see someone else has aged....I just don't(won't)feel it!! Love your new blog!! Have a wonderful week dear friend!!

Susan Westberg said...

Classic! I think we coined the term "tri-dots" since we couldn't have one ounce of white space - there HAD to be something in every space. Scrapping at the island - you would stand on one side and I would sit on the other. You would have every inch of space except the small 13 x 13 area my page would sit on. LOL! The Suzy's Zoo page makes me giggle as well because we would every single sticker on the sheet - couldn't leave one on there. Good stuff ... fun memories!

BonnieRose said...

I started with Creative memories.. so well u can imagine some of my early pages... LOL but it was me..and I'm so glad I did it the way I did it.. now it's so fun looking back at my daughters when they were little.. I can't believe the years go by as fast as they do.. so not fair.. thks for sharing with all of us.. and I agree.. u don't age at all.. what's your secret gf?

Jen said...

Yup, scrapbook pages are precious memories that will always make us smile! I have lots of old albums with LOTS of stickers and frames, and I used to keep tickets and receipts in pockets from vacations.
Thanks for sharing your world Angela...and are still young as ever! Darling family you have there!

Ramsey said...

too funny! although, scrapbook trends have changed, the memories HAVE NOT! and you are still STELLAR!

Kelly Landers said...

These pages are just wonderful Angela!! I love that you made them yours doing what you loved best at the time! These are just precious and I know will be cherished forever!

My Creative Time said...

Hi Angela,
your pages were awesome back then! Definitely more detail than what I put into mine today!!!
BTW, loved your recipe you posted this weekend! I'm going to make it this week:) TFS!

Alex Arora said...

Okay so I see I wasn't the only one rockin' my gingham paper and footprint stickers! Were we not the coolest ever?? You have a lovely family (I have a Nic too!! yay!) I LOVE your pages, and how fitting that you look exactly the same and that "same" happens to be absolutely gorgeous! Love your stuff!!

Beth M said...

Love that you shared these memories and pages! The comment about the 7 yr old feeling left out was cute. The photo from Cross Lake really makes me want summer to come! Our family has always vacationed in that area.

NoraAnne said...

I was looking at my old Creative Memories books yesterday and they look very similar to these....LOL! and Oh My Goodness, is that your Luke with the bent over ear?! My son Luke has a bent over ear too, when he was born it was folded over and we call it his pita ear :)

FibreJunky said...

Angela, my love, you are still that young. I have some scrapbook pages that could rival yours for that "old skool" look. Trust me, yours are far better. I got a little carried away with the stickers. I just couldn't handle the white space, ya know? Boy, were they bad!! But I still love 'em. Maybe I'll share some day.

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I can't believe it! The photos! You have history in those photos. You don't know how I wish to back in time and take photos with my school friends and with my parents.