Tuesday, February 7, 2012

YOUR moments.

a "moment."
we have all had them.
you know the ones....
they change you - EVERYTHING about you.
 forever and ever.
without warning.

i can think of several "moments" - that altered my very being.
i am grateful for them.
i resent them.
i love them.
i hate them.
i cry. i laugh. i learn.

once upon a time - i read...
somewhere, one of my "loo, loo" books...
that our very souls rest in heaven....
just wanting, yearning, needing....more than anything to experience the "moment"....
this life.
and the DEPTH of the emotion that goes with it

i LOVE to believe this....
'cause i love the idea that...perhaps...
at some point over and over again.
our souls...
sit in perfection. paradise. just so much WANTING....
to be HERE.
for the laughter.
for the pain.
for the joy.
the LOVE.
for the sadness.
for the "moment"

IF it is true....
i guess. - i GET it, with all my heart.
my soul would want this.
what i have.  what YOU have.
over and over again....
oddly enough.
wouldn't YOURS?

i LOVE my "...moments".
all of them.
good, horrible and otherwise.
{and i assure you - we have all had our even share}

so next time.
that shocking, life altering...tragic...exhilarating...heart breaking...crazy...never before
comes around.

'cause it is YOURS.

embrace it.
with ALL that you are, all that you have been, and all that you WILL be.
'cause THOSE moments define you.
they alter you.
they put you in the moment of "becoming"

and once again i will say....
THAT is a beautiful thing.
so. VERY. beautiful.
no matter what.



Noelle Reese said...

I just typed you up a whole comment about not being being annoyed while in the moment. Where did it go? LOL

Angela said...

ha! :) i keep reading this over and over again - cause i don't want to SCARE anyone. it has to be here somewhere, Noelle. :)

Angie Blom said...

Love!! Enjoy each moment.. It wouldn't be called" living " without each one of them!

Nora Anne said...

Love your blog posts <3 How do you always know what all of us women are thinking but don't know how to say?! :)

Carisa said...

oh man, I'm crying now. this really struck a chord deep in my heart for reasons I'm not able to share b/c it pains me to acknowledge but now this....you, being you, and your inspiration, your knowledge, your insight....goes so much deeper than you can ever imagine or possibly know. across the miles, we connected and for that, i thank you and <3 you.


Jessica said...

I want to print this and put it in a plaque in my craft room. Without those "moments" I would not be who I am today. And without the future "moments" to come, I will not reach all expectations of truly defining my being over the course of my existence.
Truly beautiful words.

Jenny said...

LOVE!! <3

Maren Benedict said...

I love moments. Especially those with you. <3

Thank you for creating ripples of love thru the world.

Ezeekart said...

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verito said...

Love,love your words,,,I have to read it again,,,,,again,,,so true I agree,,,,thanks ...