Thursday, December 8, 2011

...i feel a "quote" coming on.

so. at times i feel this...stir
way down deep
inside my soul.
God given? Sent by my Angels, perhaps?
- or maybe it is a whisper from those that i LOVE far beyond this world.
all of the above, maybe?

i like to think so. 

typically,  i let myself FEEL it and then just SAY it.
{i hesitate, but put it out there just the same}

it has been set upon my heart, for a reason.right?
tonight, that happened....... i really kind of love it when that happens.

so this is "the result"

"....the moment you feel someone should THINK like you THINK, BELIEVE what you BELIEVE, hold TRUE what you hold TRUE, is the moment you have lost your way....your path is for YOU to follow - and at the end is a great big gathering of HEARTS with their OWN story to tell." ♥ ♥ 

our OWN story.
yours. mine. theirs.
individually filled with unique minutes of our lives. experiences we each have....
 with our OWN clear perspective and understanding.
these moments paired with a spiritual presence i like to refer to as:

our truths - our "faith."

MY faith doesn't fit into a nice little box.
personally, i don't think it should.
it is everywhere & all over the place.

i never was one to be told what to do or believe.

I am consistently filled with beautiful questions, doubt, assurances, truths, security, and insecurity, love, life.
we all need to SEARCH for our OWN truth.
for a lifetime.

what stirs YOUR soul?

whatever it is.
let your heart -  find hope there.
find love there.
find peace.
isn't that what matters? know like you know that you are led...
by trust.


through this you will find your comfort.
pure and simple peace.
deep down.

feel it. 
it's yours.

so next time you are frustrated with the expectations of life, or people, or living.
just remember to hold on to YOUR truth.
your faith.
your peace.
your "you." 
own it.feel it.
whatever it is.
no expectations.
no requirements.

you have been blessed
from the heavens
with your heart.
individually and unique
no mistakes. perfect as is.
it is so beautiful.
so right.
no matter what anyone else thinks.

please, just  do the very best you can.

take comfort.
and know like you know that - 100% - 
you are loved. 
for everything you have been,
and will be.
no. matter. what.

faith, hope, love, my friends.
defined by your truth.

hold onto it loosely. cause it will twist and change, and grow....
but hold on just the same.

it sounds superficial, once said over and over again...
however in reality....

it is the most OFFICIAL thing you have.

it survives everything, even life itself.

xoxo, in faith.ang.


Junebugpins said...

I'm so loving being a club member and I feel part of this unity family...
What a beautiful thing to wake and read...
Angela...your much more than a stamp club ...
It feeds a place in our souls....
and those stamps...they whisper and create and touch other souls as they dribble out in beautful creations...and head from our inky hands to other hands.... touching their soul too....
Simple acts that heal and send much love...((hugs))

Inspired Gal {Crafts} said...
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--Charlene said...


I needed this. Really really. A tough week and this gives me inspiration. Thank you. --C