Saturday, January 15, 2011

it was my birthday....i've been thinking....

shallow post....of random thoughts.

been thinking a lot lately about age.
can't help it. 
just am.
being honest.
age is so stupid.
{i know my literary skills are stellar today}

why do we have to be "assigned" an age.
who was the guy with the bright idea?
i think we should get to DECIDE what age we want to be and stay there.
don't you?
time can keep going - it's a beautiful thing...
but "age" should stop.
hey...anythings possible right?
i would have never thought i would be a Sagittarius instead of a Capricorn either!

 what age would you be?

i think....i am pretty sure - i would pick MY age.
right here, right now.
{well ok, honestly, maybe i would pick 36 - i was much thinner. hee, hee}

here's my thoughts
i have just enough lines on my face to know i have had a million laughs.
i have just enough curve on my body to know i have given life.
i have just enough emotion in my heart to know i have lived deep.
and it has all meant so very much.

i have just enough.
i really feel that way.
so i think i will stay this age.
i officially have a story.
things worth sharing.
i love that.

the girl on the right - 20 years ago - is gone.
i seriously look at that picture and wonder who she was.
it is as if she was an illusion.

i wonder if i will feel that same way about "me" when i am 58 - 20 years from now?
most likely - i will.
which makes me very young right now.
{positive self talk}

seems like yesterday...yet it seems like an eternity ago.
like one minute you are 17  - and the next you are turning 38?

random thought - 
that means it has been 20 years since i had eyebrows ONE INCH thick, check those babies out! 



it is a mysterious thing.

all i know...
is if the next 20 years bless me the same way the first 20 have.
....i am one lucky chick.



time is beautiful.
i'll take it.

it's stupid.
and i will not be turning one year older ever again.

moving on.....


StampinCathy said...

Angela, I just love your post. It really touched my heart. Thanks for always inspiring me as a person and as a company of amazing stamps.

Carisa said...

wow, angela, what a reflection! i think it's a beautiful story and i love the pictures of you and your son both now and then. it goes by in a flash and reminds me to enjoy these special fleeting moments even tough some days i think i'm going to go over the edge! i can't image fast forwarding 18 years and seeing my 10 month old son graduating. i'll be a lot older than you are now but i think the sentiment will remain the same. thanks for sharing.

wearestampers said...

All of what you said is so true. I have been reflecting ALOT about my age. I turn 40 this year! EEEK!! But, you only act as young as you feel, and I still feel like I'm in my early 30's so I'll just stay there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and some pics of you!

blomr said...

It is said that with age comes wisdom. By reading your post, you have been through alot, but with determination and staying positive you have grown to be who you are today. You have surrounded yourself at home and at the company with people who you inspire, and inspire and drive you forward. I do not think that 17 year old girl is gone. I think she is still 17- with 21 years experience. Please keep on the way you are. you inspire so many people. I know because I watch how my wife has grown. Now having three blogs, where computers used to scare her. Thank you.

Brooke said...

YOU ARE SO CUTE!! it's JUST a NUMBER babe... you can be any 'age' you want to! it's all about how you FEEL.. not what the driver's license says... <3 LOVE YA!

Angie Blom said...

I hear you... I also see my sweet hubby blogging.. how wonderful it this!! I don't feel 47 most days.. okay my bones feel it but my spirit is still very young, I don't want to be the younger age I was.. I am so much wiser,I know what I actually want for myself, I am more creative, and peaceful in my older age.. so I say bring it on.. it can only get better from here. hugsxx

JPScraps said...

Beautiful post Angela. This part..i have just enough lines on my face to know i have had a million laughs.
i have just enough curve on my body to know i have given life.
i have just enough emotion in my heart to know i have lived deep.
and it has all meant so very much....would make a fantastic stamp :)

Holly aka Toy said...

Well, first off... you've "aged" gracefully, Angela. You have that to be thankful for. Good genes? Also, when we talk to cancer patients and they ask how long they have to live, the best response is that none of us have an expiration date on our foot. As long as you live each day with purpose, then that number that would be your age is truly irrelevant. You're doing it right :)

NoraAnne said...

Happy Birthday Angela :) I hope it was a great one. I love your post, it hit home since I will be turning 40 next month and have been a bit emotional about it! I really love the photos you shared, especially the two of you and your son! My little guy is 4, I started late, so I will be in my 50's when he graduates! a wee bit scary!
I love your outlook on life and your fabulous stamp company~you inspire me everyday :) THANK YOU!

cgargus said...

Thanks for your refections! So true! Age is only a number! Like, how did I get to be 49??? I don't feel 49. Where did it go? I don't really dwell on it, my daughter, my 3 WONDERFUL grandchildren, my life! Enjoy every moment. Have a wonderful birthday and thanks for sharing your thoughts! You are a very special person!

Noelle Reese said...

What a fantastic post! I love the two pictures of you and your son. He sure is a handsome one! I was my thinnest at 23-27. I would really like that body back but not all the life that was with it LOL

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Happy birthday, Angela:) Thanks for always sharing your thoughts. I had the same thoughts this week--a pretty big scare because of "my age". Your pics are precious--I really think you look like you are in your 20s! LUCKY you! You are super amazing:) Thanks for always sharing and for inspiring!!

Margaret said...

I already told you I LOVE reading your stuff. Maybe a book should come out of this? Anyway, happy belated birthday!! Woo Hoo! I have a quote that goes so perfectly with what you are writing...

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? ~Satchel Paige

This is your solution. You have NO idea how old you are, but you need to stick to that! :-)

I'm going to be 50 this year and I wouldn't trade 1 minute of it especially all the bad back issues for the last 8 years. It has helped to shape me into a different person. One I like more. That only comes with time and experience so I wear that badge proudly. It's only a number.

Tina Gilliland said...

I LOVE this Angela!! I'm with you, GF!! My life hasn't always been rosy but to change it would change the woman I am today... so, I'm there!! My life is right where it should be! *HUGS* Brave Girl!

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