Monday, December 20, 2010

heart. on. sleeve.

heart. on. sleeve.
no matter what. 

do you know people who wear pretty clothes like this?
i do.
it is a rare beauty.

women who ARE who they ARE.
and "heart. on. sleeve." CONFIDENT about it.
they share, confide and trust
not only for the growth of themselves but in an effort to learn from one another.
help each other.

i have consistent women in my life, just like this -  who amaze me.
lovely, stunning, amazing and loyal.
...from head to SOUL.....
with sweet little hearts on their sleeves....

  together we can be..
mixed up.
... AND SHOW ALL OF IT, and more ...
anytime. all the time.
THAT is true beauty in "heart. on. sleeve." friendship.
women who know EVERYTHING about you and love you just the same.
women that never need to forgive...
because they never hold on to anything long enough to even matter.
women who know for certain that life gets messy for EVERYONE, and JUDGEMENT is not an option.
no matter what.

 ...don't  you EVER mistake "heart. on. sleeve"  as weakness, or insecurity, or fake.
it just is what it is...out there.  
no apologies.
but remember
just because you are who you are...
rest assured.
 you will need to be tough, sweet girl.
i have learned...from time to time...  
you will be judged
people will assume you weak
they will go away

wondering why you were SO "heart.on.sleeve" with them.

they will think you are permanently confused, and lost
they are mistaken.
...because really YOU are brilliantly transparent and clear.
just open.

it will hurt. a lot.
{try to get over it, quickly}
 please - please remember.
they are wrong.
100% their loss. 
cause "heart. on. sleeve." -  is as real as it gets...  just sayin'. 


just keep putting that pretty heart upon your sleeve and KNOW without a doubt.

you are you.
and THAT is all that matters.


Kolleen said...

this is absolutely, positively, "heart on sleeve"

what a treasure it is to have women surround you that are giving and accepting and are all about the "heart on the sleeve".

this spoke to me on so many levels.

love it.
thank YOU.


Angie Blom said...

This is beautiful and so true .. I am one of those that put it out there .. Sometimes I think I care just too much, give too much ,but that is who I am.. and I have been burnt for it so many times.. So for those that speak ill are not worth the friendship I have to offer..But for the ones and only a few that stay with me non judging are the ones I want in my life!! Life is just to short to not be appreciated!!

Brooke said...

I {HEART} You. Exactly as you are. Heart on sleeve is a REAL way to be.

Liz said...

You just took my breath away.

BonnieRose said...

Thanks for sharing this Angela.. I've always been one to wear my heart on my sleeve.. I share it all.
I've shared my story on my blog under the MY STORY tab.. some ppl hv told me who am I to put all that out there? I say why not? It makes me, me.
I loved your post.
Thks for being you.

YOU are so so loved by me.
Incredibly loved.
xo love you for the woman you are.

wearestampers said...

I am a "heart on sleeve" girl. It's just too bad that other women don't "get" me. And yes, I get very sad that they don't really appreciate who I am. But I stand strong, and keep telling myself it is their loss. It would just be nice to have someone like me to hang out with. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I try to hide the heart on my sleeve...only because I don't want everyone to know what I feel/think...but it's already there. I forget and try to be clever. Beautiful post--as always;) I {heart} YOU!!! Francesca Battistelli:) I was hoping to sing one of her songs this weekend...but my throat is swollen. BUMMER! Next time:)

Anonymous said...!!! and this came just when I needed it. I love moments like that...keep baring your's beautiful :)

Kristen said...

Once again...beautifully expressed,thank you for your transparency and wisdom. :)

Jewelbug said...

A friend of mine, (that at one time meant the world to me) told me that one of my shortcomings was that I wore my heart on my sleeve. I wish he could see this to know that there are those of us out there that do not see it a a bad thing.

the whimsical butterfly said...

As you probably know, this post came when I needed it, but these are also words that will STICK with me for the next time I do. THANK YOU for writing about it so beautifully. You are AMAZING, REAL, and beautiful <3

Liz said...

a few days ago, well, longer than that, I posted that you took my breath away. And you did. Somehow, Magically perhaps, I again ended up here and read heart.on.sleeve, and you did it again. So I read more of your writings. You are amazing, real and beautiful (as said by the whimsical butterfly. I am now subscribing to your feed, and I have posted a link to you on my blog. More people need to know about you !

xl pharmacy said...

I have been burnt for it so many times.. So for those that speak ill are not worth the friendship I have to offer