Monday, December 23, 2013

GET out of your HEAD. i dare ya.

funny thing.
someone just gave me a piece of advice i have needed for a VERY LONG time.

"YOU need to get out of YOUR OWN HEAD"

truth. so MUCH TRUTH.

it is EXACTLY my problem.
i am so relieved!!!!!
someone finally had the guts to shoot it to me straight!

it's what i have done always.

i take a thought to entertain - create a monster - and beat the shit out of it.
...and then just when i think i have won.
sucker comes alive again.
and i just sit and stare like, REALLY?!
then we go around and around again.

most of the time...eventually - i win, but why the stinkin' battle in the first place?
what is the point?
why even go around and around about it.
JUST. let it GO! - crazy.

time spent battling your thoughts is time wasted.
completely wasted.
an internal battle that just puts little stab marks into your heart.
that aren't even necessary.

what was, WAS.
what is, IS.
what will be, WILL BE.
so live.
enjoy the moment.
...and take it as it comes.

GET out of your head.
best advice ever.
taking it to heart.
deep breath.

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Sue Alley said...

My Life Group of ladies needs to see this post. I love your blogs. You should post them on Facebook. So many women need to read your fantastic bloggings. I love them!