Wednesday, October 24, 2012

full circle moment.


we just want to 
at the 
everything about ANYTHING
 that we have ever endured.

every thought we have entertained. 
every emotion we have felt.
{and still feel} 
every wrong we have experienced -  and right we have decided...
not to mention every. single. moment.  our little souls have endured - 
regardless of right or wrong.
'cause it was necessary at the moment.

we "stuff" it all away.
like it never happened. 
we look away.
'cause ignoring is the only thing that saves us, temporarily.
we move forward, and try to forget....
however. that moment of truth comes around.
every. single. time.

eventually, as much as you fight it -  feelings just start to emerge.
...and even maybe START TO make sense.
THE BIG PICTURE becomes just a little more clear.
 ALL the stories connect. 
and MUCH TO YOUR SURPRISE - they are more in depth and entwined - than you could have EVER imagined.
'cause you had a tiny "whisper" to open up.
your story no longer is JUST YOURS.
kinda scary.
till you realize,
we are connected. 
by love. 
by similarities. 
by admiration. and understanding.
by what is to come, and by what has been.

so what is my point?

here you go.

let your love be driven by whispers.
let your similarities be vulnerable.
let your admiration run free...and your understanding be limitless....

and let what is to come be THAT MUCH SWEETER because of what HAS been.

do you really think you have come this far by chance?
YOU have come this far by PURPOSE.
own it.
embrace it.
use it.
'cause it is all yours for the taking.
there is NOTHING SWEETER in life than a full circle moment...
and the realization that it has arrived.



PEA said...

very inspiring words Angela. You really touch my heart by your depth and openness. Thank you for sharing this. As I read it, all this flood of emotions came about and I realized I have been blocking. Yet it makes us who we are these fleeting moments. Some good, some bad, some just ah. Every single one of them worth having.
God bless,Phillane

Angie Blom said...

Beautifully said.. Love you xx

Noelle Reese said...

How do you always write like you are talking specifically to me?