Monday, April 16, 2012

heart to heart kind of love.

today i watched my friend say farewell to her mama.
with love.

i watched her brave little self walk right up to the front of the church...
{after she sweetly removed her heels to maintain position}
and express out loud the love that existed for her mother.
she focused on the places
love IS. and where love WAS. 
she encouraged us all to love.
heart to heart.
just love.

the love.
it is all that mattered.

she said it. 
she meant it.
she felt it.
it was so obvious.
so beautiful.
my heart over-flowed. 
with LOVE.

as she spoke. and others spoke. 
it clearly was out of love.
not one person in that church would disagree.

 her mama is heaven bound -  and through all the challenges and stumbles that existed....
love existed and will forever exist.

today was influential to my soul...and made me think deep. 
{surprise, surprise, right? }

have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE love? 
i do.
today served as a HUGE reminder of that.

i reference....
that deep down, non-"convenient", KIND OF LOVE.
the love you feel so intense and pure that it penetrates into the abyss of the SOUL.
it persists.
through every single obstruction and challenge.
it is SO inconvenient, yet convenient.
it can be so fulfilling, yet so hurtful.
it can be so challenging, yet so easy.
'cause TYPICALLY it runs so VERY deep.

sometimes SO DEEP it hides, and then emerges at JUST the right time.
'cause it was always there to begin with.
kinda just meant to be.

THAT kind of LOVE makes you feel as though you know like you know.....
you have been connected FOREVER and EVER.
and always will be.

doesn't matter WHO you feel this love for...
your parents.
your babies.
your friends.
the people you choose to have life altering experiences with.
your family.

love is love.
that is what i think.
simple as that.

each SOUL that makes a mark on your life.
LOVE them.
LOVE them outloud. LOVE them silently.
LOVE them with gratitude.
just send it out there with every FIBER of your being.
no fear.

no matter how that LOVE ends up.
it is worth it.

because any source of LOVE at all is something to treasure.
it all stems in a place of pureness.
it has purpose.
heaven sent.


 the WAY you love someone can change.
as you drift away from one another or closer to one another.
it can change daily...sometimes HOURLY.
but if is was ever LOVE to begin with.
it will last for always - on some level.
love can fade.
 or even become a little lost.
it can SEEM as though you may NEVER find your way back to certain people you love....
regardless of distance.
regardless of status.
regardless of circumstance.
regardless of ANYTHING.
on some level.
however faint.
true deep down simple love remains.

heart to heart.
{as sara reminded us} 
no expectation.
The kind of love that just resigns to 
accept you as you are...regardless.
the best kind ever.
Completely God - GIVEN. 

that kind of love. 
it sticks.
i love THAT - so very much.



Carisa said...

*sobbing* of course the song playing is Satisfied by Jewel ;) Pretty perfect. I can't imagine. I was feeling so very unloved today by the person that should love me most. Was feeling pretty bruised. But I still love and that counts for something. Seems like every kind of love I've ever known was that one with the condition attached. Which is why I still hold my love pretty guarded. But when I say it I mean it and most importantly I feel it. From the one above all others. My God. To have that kind of love when I know I'm not worthy is the best kind. Love YOU! Ok, Remind me next time when I come to your blog to have tissues...K? ;) Between the music and your words, I just crumble into a ball of mush. LOL

Michelle said...

Wow! So very wow! You have touched me again with your words. I get it. I feel it. And~I totally agree! Love is so important and even though we may lose sight of it sometimes, it is so very important to hold on through the tough times because love can get us through. To Carisa - pass a tissue :)

Renee Aslette said...

I am at a loss for words. I sat at the train station reading your beautiful words and cried. But I also again feel inspired.

I know what it feels like to loose someone too and I hope your friend will be ok with time. She will need an amazing friend, that you most certainly are, in her life.

You are such a beautiful person and I hope you are doing ok too. Sending you a massive Aussie hug. Xoxo

Noelle Reese said...

Your friend is in my prayers.

I lost my Mama and I did not/have not done it with grace. I miss her so much. One day, your friend will not cry during every shower. But it will hurt forever.

I think everyone that loves your friend should buckle up! Sara will love all of you a little more! She will lean a little harder, maybe more often. In My Humble Opinion for what it is worth, she will take a little part of each of all of you and be an even better person receiving everything all of you have to offer.
That is what I do almost every day.
Lots of love and many hugs to Sara, and she will need them more than most of her Peeps know. :)

sue alley said...

As always....our hearts must be identical twins. I "love" that you have the ability to make "love" real.

Janice W. said...