Thursday, February 12, 2015

LOVE is what matters.

23 years ago.
this boy came into my life.

i knew at that VERY moment. 
i would not ever in a million years be the same.

my heart.
in an instant. 
life became.....well.....LIFE.

don't you love it when that happens?

 altering existence. 
becoming a mama.

but not the only feel altered in this beautiful life.
good gracious - there are SO MANY ways to expand this heart of ours.

i think...
we wake up every morning.
the same - yet different.
because every little experience, conversation, interaction
changes us.
or significantly.

sometimes poor decisions of our past.
come sneaking up.
right there, we face the reality of decisions we have made made...that hurt.
we are human...and love, life, and crazy...happen.
but at the same time.
it all comes around and there is a time and a place you have to stop hiding.

time to admit your insecurities, bad decisions, poor judgement 
...and just say you are sorry.

 life altered.
heart expanding.


what was. is now simply a story.
an experience. 
never repeated.

don't ever say "never"
NEVER happens far more often then forever.

after all is said and done.
is what matters.


angie blom said...
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Sabrina said...

I LOVE love <3
it does not matter what we do.
there is always love